the elongated coin museum Besides, the vended machines at public locations don’t offer this luxury or variance.

Rollers are people that own their own machine and create designs on for whatever reason.

Engravers are the ones that take the designs and etch the design into the hardened steel machine parts that elongate the coins. Collect what your interested in, hey, do not pay more than your comfortable paying, know the difference between copper versus zinc, Some important hard and fast rules in collecting is. Quite a few of you a great following, no you are not alone. Love this jewelry definitely planning to try a bit of these in the apartments.

They have it at JoAnn’s in the notion section.

the elongated coin museum We’ve got ns of smashed pennies around here.

Dritz Fray Check.

Unrelated. OMG, I’m gonna get SO many smashed pennies when I go to Disneyworld now as I just can’t wait to make jewelry like yours! I know I have a certain amount these. Where oh where are my pennies???? Now look. You mentioned smashed dimes and quarters. I’ve never seen a machine that does anything except pennies in the parks. Another question isSo the question is this. Fork?

the elongated coin museum Wow, Know what, I wish I had smashed pennies!

I put my thumb over the bottom leaf and in my opinion it’s missing something without anything hanging there.

About seahorse. Jewel? About Dumbo, agreed on the business and discordance of him on the necklace. Certainly, he’s just gets lost in all that faboo. Though I do like the circus theme. Shell? Man, I’m not sure if I can buy unwanted smashed pennies.or buy a penny smashing machine. I don’t like the leaf but perhaps a small charm? This is the case. I’ll never do it again!!! We are looking at incredible! I’m suddenly feeling bad for throwing away broken jewelry in the past. Wow, there are fantastic!

the elongated coin museum Wait til he sees my stunning new jewelry!

My husband thinks I’m ridiculous.

I love each single option you showed! I have a little of an obsession with these smashed pennies, I have them from just about any vacation I am on. I always knew that someday, somewhere, somebody my be able to tell me how to make jewlry out my Disney pennies and similar thingies.! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU multiplied by 36789293047! Anyway, I can’t thank you enough. Just wish I had the wherewithal to do anything really like that, I love reading these posts.

the elongated coin museum Keep on creating, Crafty People!

I really admire people like you and the other crafty people who have submitted comments.

Maybe it’s lack of patience. Actually, I have not one crafty bone in my body I look at your directions and say, nope, forget it creative but you are inspiring me! Last necklace looks sort of ‘broochBut’ I like that about it. Then again, I like that it looks like one jewelry piece but is another. Thank you for all the inspiring work, Jen! I love the seahorse necklace the way it’s.

I say leave it alone.

Same question as Beca.

Why now you have a Etsy site or offer for sale on this site? Certainly, I still have jewelry from when I was 6 so I have ns of possibilities. For any of your extra pieces, for sure. Actually, gonna raid my jewelry write. Favorite things are called favorites for a reason.

So, probably a personal taste thing, I also thing the grey chain looks good with the copper. Seriously. Those are amazing, love them all! Essentially, can’t wait to see the rest! Needless to say, I’m wondering now what I did with all the smashed pennies I used to collect, I’m sure they’re around here somewhere.I think the leather bracelet is my favorite of them all.

Think it’s a personal thing, personally I like the copper silver combo.

I love the steampunk vibe of the stuff you’ve made!

Oooh, you are inspiring me! My kids collect smashed pennies from museums, and stuff that we visit so I may see if they need me to make charm bracelets for them when they’re older. Suddenly it all makes sense. It’s a well-known fact that the necklace with amber beads made me ‘oooh!’ out loud! The ride..a memory just clicked for me when you said you were a skipper on the jungle cruise. Steamy. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. So here is fabulously pretty. Skipper was FULL of bad puns. I’m sure you heard about this. I went on that ride when I was in Disneyland. Generally, my parents were groaning the entire time. You find that Gorilla super glue foams like the regular stuff, right?

I always make a mess.

That is SO absolutely cool!

It’s all so creative! We’ve got lots that I don’t know what to do with, I loved smashed pennies, and the kids love to crank the machine. I’ve always wondered if the Dremel is worth it for crafty stuff my husband has a larger drill that I don’t really need to mess with. Love the Tinkerbell and ship necklace. Now let me tell you something. I personally like the silver rings and colored dangles separate from the Dumbo charm. Must. I think I have to do this. I have so loads of those pennies just sitting around in random places, and even more now that I’m back from San Diego. Find. On p of this. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Oh wow. With that said, loved the smashed penny jewelry was wanting to do something with my collection for years. Whenever you should do something with a high chance of parts flying, Therefore in case you don’t have ready access, put your hands and ols inside a large ziplock bag stuff can’t fly all over and you can still see what you’re doing, safety glasses are a great tip.

LOVE the Tinkerbell/Pirate Ship necklace that you did!

I hadn’t even known what the store carried until consequently.

EBAY was so high, I went looking online and actually found a national chain with a small store near me. I bought a doming block once I found a hardware store that carried them. Usually, I could be hanging out in the aisles more often. Is there any way you can age it? Now I know So it’s a mecca of reasonably priced ols and fun stuff. Remember, you definitely inspire me. With it all shiny, it just doesn’t look right, in my opinion the Alice penny must be splendid with the dark necklace if the penny was tarnished. Nevertheless, he needs his magic feather, you know. Now please pay attention. Oh -and if you move the Dumbo penny to a brand new necklace, take off the bead and add a tiny feather. We are talking about amazing!

I’m also linking to your blog from minecome visit if you like! I love this idea and as a smashed penny collector, I have there are gorgeous. So, it glues anything to anything else. I just wanted to chime in with a glue recommendation. Your pieces are fabulous and so inventive! Although, I’ve used E6000 with great success. I did a repair on a bracelet gluing some sterling wire to a sterling piece with intention to make loops on a bracelet and used EI ran into the lady 2 years later and it was still for ages because the hydrochloric acid ate the zinc and not the copper, in the morning. Consequently a new penny shell. In my high school chemistry class, we did a little experiment where we ok an older penny and a newer penny, filed notches in the edges, and left both in a HCl solution in one day. I’ve used it on plenty of flat discy things that needed an extra hole for writes or chain points. Thanks for the ideas!!!! You see, just found your craftiness blog, and LOVE it!! American pennies was made with a zinc core covered with copper, since 1982.

I’m quite sure I like these better, To be honest I have a coin purse full of smashed pennies waiting to go onto perhaps a bellydancing/harem girl costume.

I could browse all day.

If you’re in this location, the Oregon aquarium in Newport has a quarter smasher, and I got a couple of those!Fire Mountain Gems has a nifty little hole punch device that will slowly screw down and punch a hole in most metals up to 3mm in thickness. Nevertheless, since consequently I carry on have old pennies, when I have gone on vacations to uristy stops that may have penny for a while being that I look for a good patina on my keepsake, rather than a silvery core. That said, for little bitty projects on my jewelry table so that’s easier for me, To be honest I have a dremel To be honest I have a smashed penny that I got on my honeymoon that I look for to do more with than just have it sitting in a jar somewhere, I’m quite sure I am not a really crafty person. You should take it into account. I am so inspired! Thanks for the great idea!

So that’s awesome!

I had no clue exactly how many machines there really are at Disney, my plan was to collect smashed pennies with my 3 y/ We had fun.

Now I should be tempted to raid it, I bought the smashed penny display folder. I just got back from a week at Disney. Also, prior to leaving, I got a roll of quarters and a roll of uncirculated pennies from the bank. Keep reading! Such lovely ideas for smashed pennies! Now you have me wanting to go somewhere and get more smashed pennies for me to experiment with. Take a look at this ur smashed penny jewelry. You can get smashed pennies in Australia. We’re looking at gorgeous! Jen, you are officially the Most Awesome Person in the History of Ever. Considering the above said. Whenever looking at this post, it made me wonder if you have a Etsy shop, you tally must.

You made me start looking and I found this websitehas locations and pictures and tips for preparing the pennies and everything. I need to go to Disney just so I can get more smashed pennies!! Will you be interested in selling any of these pieces? Essentially, that’s awesome. THanks! Now please pay attention. Now this has given me some great ideas and inspired me to not give up! With that said, wasn’t quite sure where to start, Know what, I made a smashed penny choker in jewelry class I’ve been saving pennies ever since wanting to improve it. Any ideas on creative displays for loads of pennies? With all that said… We are talking about fabulous! Eventually, I gonna be looking at those little souvenirs in a whole new light. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Have you seen this site? Of course, it has all kinds of random steampunk stuff. Did you hear of something like that before? When I saw it, I actually thought of you!

I absolutely love the bracelet!

None of them are Disney.

Sigh. That bracelet is so cool, I just have to try it, I’ve never been into collecting smashed pennies. Furthermore, now I just need to go somewhere to get a smashed penny so I can make one. Eventually, I used to work there, my be a great use for them. I love it! Now I know what to do with the multitude of pressed pennies I have from Disneyland, WDW, and a bunch of other places! Actually, I love these pieces! I’m sure you heard about this. By the way I love the black/copper combination. I love the seahorse just the way he is. I have a copper bracelet that I clean by swishing it around in worcestershire sauce consequently rinsing in water. I never did the smashed penny thing but it should make this type of a cute charm bracelet.

You have to open an etsy store!

I’m intending to start collecting them, maybe after a couple years I’ll have a whole bracelet.

Sets of the penny buttons my be awesome, and the jewelry is I actually really really seek for to try this, PAlso, I’m not a craft girl. I am collecting them forever.p My sister and I have a tip to polish pennies if you don’t have brass polish. Let me tell you something. My sister learned about it in her 7th grade science class it really works! Use ketchup or bbq sauce! Of course, the frames look amazing! Also, I love collecting pennies! Nonetheless, I find it to be a little less brittle, therein less going to snap, ginger -Gorilla super glue is just like any other brand. Ok, I am so trying that. So, molly Mouse -ketchup or BBQ sauce? However, now you know. Plenty of information can be found easily on the web. They also make a super glue gel, that is less runny.@ Mel -ah, my pun secret, revealed!


I will take the Dumbo charm off the necklace, though, and make it into two.

I like the seahorse necklace as is. Cute work, Jen! Although, those are all truly fabulous. I also vote for keeping the seaweed dangle. Then again, I love how they’re girly but with a vintage feel. Now let me tell you something. I’d say if only I had some smashed coins to make some with I used to have one from the Franklin Institute in Philly, Know what, I have no clue where it’s gotten to. Write I love these!

Look, that’s so cool that the pennies fit perfectly into those frames! I actually might have to try my hand at making some jewelry using them -these are neat, Therefore if I can find a penny smasher around here. I LOVE the seahorse -just as I know it’s. It’s created from golf ne leaves that are about similar size as those pennies, and I believe I might be taking it apart this week! So, my ‘5yearold’ gave me a horrible necklace for Christmas last year. There’s some more info about it on this site. You’ve inspired me.

Love the stuff you’ve done.

Oh, please, do another show and tell with more of penny jewelry, book purses, and whatever your creative mind comes up with next!!!

You can be right about making it into a brooch, I’m quite sure I vote for the seaweed looking with dangle around the seahorse penny. You mentioned you used to make book purses, and as a tal book worm I must ask, how?! I love all you’ve done with the pennies. I never got into collecting the smashed pennies.what was I intending to do with them? I think I carried on throwing them out, now Im sad I did. Disney changes those out quite often and back in the day I probably had some cool penny. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!! Oh my goodness! Known I have the hugest collection of ‘squished pennies’ and am always wondering how I can display them! Steampunk dining room, two amazing and hilarious blogs, ‘twitterstalking’, incredible ‘craftmaking’, the CW book.when exactly do you have time to absorb all the movies, TV shows, books, conventions, and theme parks you so cleverly reference?

I hope that you read late comments from this post!

We’ve not seen a machine that fits definitely not pennies.

Anyhow, two requests. Bummer. Of course I just checked and didn’t see anything, Know what guys, I don’t know where Bridgett L saw them. All the links on the FAQ page are out of stock. No luck on finding the oval frames. You do NOT seek for to know how jealous I am of all that awesome jewelery! Needless to say, keep of the great work, Jen!!!! I love your ideas. After a while, the plastic storage things get boring, I’m a squished penny collector. YAY! I am ridiculously excited about this. Therefore, I haven’t had any idea of what to do with them. I have a bunch of pressed pennies from random museums and parks. It is seriously amazing, my boyfriend and I always collect pennies from the trips we go on, and I love the idea of picking out my favorites to make beautiful jewerly. To stop ravelly ribbon from ravelling you can melt the ends on a candle. We are talking about adorable! I need one!

I wish I had a smashed penny!

DThese are cool.

In my opinion they so with the illusion to the book purse! Dissenting opinions are great, but personal attacks or hateful remarks might be removed, please be respectful when commenting. Basically, including a link? Here’s your html cheat sheet. If you use older and a bit thicker. Just wanted to write a suggestion. Those are awesome. Newer pennies are copper coated zinc which is softer. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I hope so it is helpful!

I saw in some earlier comments that plenty of people were having trouble finding frames for their pennies so I wanted to add this link, I found seek for to find some pretty bad! I can not find these frame/bookplate pieces ANYWHERE. I’d have to go back home and bug my parents to let me use their ols and stuff. I’ll just have to enjoy looking at these. With all that said… By the way I don’t know where they are and I haven’t seen the penny machines at the aquarium when I have been there more recently, Know what, I might have one or two from the aquarium years and years ago. Usually, alas! Eventually, again, I do seek for to see the puppy and get the birthday present they forgot to bring down last time. Normally, I don’t think I have any smooshed pennies. Now. Fact, cute and fun! Therefore in case you made a Etsy store, you will get off of the boat, now I get it.
Keep in mind that you should have a great personality and a decent spirit for that job.hmmm.sounds like somebody I know! On p of that, we’re looking at so pretty! Thanks! I have a jar with these in and now in my opinion I will go look thru them and see what I need to wear! I’m sure you heard about this. I just got back from a trip thru CO and UT and smashed pennies as I went at the parks, etcetera Great ideas!

I think I like the seahorse with the dangly.

The positioning of Tink was inspired.

I love how it looks like she’s flying away. I also love the Tink/pirate ship necklace. It just enhances the seaweed effect. You were a jungle cruise skipper? Being that usually it gets flug 20 or so feet from where it started. Okay, for people looking for how to smash a penny without a machine. Essentially, start your hunt. My friend and I lived by a train track, when I was a kid. Known it won’t derail the train. I also like the seahorse with all the dangles around it and under it, in any circumstances please do not change it! I love your jewelry and your pennies. From my point of view the penny looks good with the blackish chain. Well, now I know what all the teenagers in my family are getting for Christmas.

How did you fasten the cuff?


I am dying for awhile being that I’m not creative enough to figure it out on my own. Just saying. You see, I should like to say that if you were to sell any of those, To be honest I would be ALL OVER THAT. Those are GORGEOUS. Seriously. How do you do the drilling? Basically, your jewelry is Awesome. I agree with everybody get a Etsy page and sell your crafts! Did you hear about something like that before? It’s the drilling that gives the the ‘doggie with the cocked ear huh’?-look. I’m down with all the other stuff. I linked to your awesome jewelry on my post day at Dollar Store Crafts. This is the case. Hey Jen! You have any suggestions of what to use to accomplish very similar thing since JoAnn was not coming through for me, right?

I am really hoping to be able to turn it into this great cuff bracelet.

Am having no luck, I’ve searched for suitable replacements.

Jen, I adore this project. Sadly JoAnn’s has discontinued them, I was on the hunt for those little frames. Whenever something new Something borrowed, something light blue a lucky sixpence in her shoe to give to my good buddy for her wedding day, I have a penny stamped with mething old. It’s a start, I reckon. Someone asked about how to apply snaps, in my opinion I found a site that no info what happened to them!
I’m speechless. For instance, hooray! So that’s quite possibly the BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!I know I’ll be making a n of these when I start working at Disney soon, and this should be a great way to display them. Hey, do not forget to rinse off the penny when you’re done! For anyone who wants to for any longerated penny Just get a ‘Q Tip’ and rub the ketchup/bbq sauce on. With that said, love what you did with you’re Enchanted Tiki Room Penny! It’s amazing how much dirt you get on the ‘QTip’ once you’re done!

I knew there was a reason I love smashed pennies!

Awesome jewelry ideas.can’t wait for my next trip somewhere.

I always keep a stash of shiny pennies in a zippy pouch JUST if I run into one of those machines. Therefore. Certainly, thanks a lot for sharing! You should take this seriously. I love you. You’re awesome ideas. Nevertheless, you make such beautiful pieces. Eventually, I would love to make the cuff bracelet with the smashed penny I have from the manatee area of our zoo. Generally, I dug out a pressed penny I’d carefully saved over the years, I loved the local zoo as a kid and they have a penny smashing machine, punched a hole at the edge, and added it to my charm bracelet.

With a lighter, ribbons unravelingI singe the cut edges of my ribbons, especially sheer ribbons.


Here’s an absolutely brilliant idea! It seals the edge well enough to use the ribbon in jewelry without hemming it. I fix the edges of book ribbons that way, in general. Actually I have begun collecting the smashed coins, I live in San Diego, and have a AP.

I was reading your Sparklies post and this link was at the bottom.

I live in Phoenix so most of us know that there are a lot of craft stores but I haven’t seen the frames anywhere yet and I can’t locate them on the internet.

Ideas? I’d forgotten that I was preparing to ask you if you’ve seen those little frames anywhere since you posted as I have been looking for them for months. I have a pressed penny from my honeymoon in 1991 to San Francisco just sitting in a write waiting to be made for ages pendant kinda gal.-) Love those copper letters By the way I personally wouldn’t mix the silver and copper -maybe you could put a smashed dime in that necklace instead and put Dumbo on another and after that yay, I love Dumbo and that necklace is great with all the new beads.