the elongated coin museum So it’s commonly believed that the first publicly offered coins were at the Columbian Expo in That’s a fact, it’s rumored that a private roller created coinslong before these were offered.

Another set of these coins were also introduced in the 60’s.

Please note, the original expo coins did not have a dot border! Then, you can pick up a re print of the Yesterdays Elongateds for a small fee from the elongated collectors group. They migh not be as old as you believe. I’d suggest buying this book before you purchase any high end coins. Look, there’re many modern variations rolled in current times. I would highly suggest researching the Colombian Expo coins before purchasing them online!!!! BECC Membership Picnic/BBQ, 00 to 00 PM on Wednesday, July 27, 2011, Tukwila. Thanks, John, for doing the cooking! See the info about next year’s show, attend a regular club meeting instead, or see the PNNA calendar for other local coin shows, I’d say if you missed it. Photo. Behind the tables with dealer badges are BECC members Greg Smith and John Enges. Boeing Employees Coin Show, the club’s big annual show, was held January 17 18, 2009 at Kent Commons.

the elongated coin museum YNs participate in Portland ANA!

BECC members can read about their experiences in the March newsletter.

Shall we continue the great support the BECC provides to inspire YNs to excel in the hobby! Oftentimes the BECC congratulates two of its YNs for their participation in the ANA National Money Show in Portland, March ’57’, Alex and Ben attended the ANA show and had a wonderful experience. For example, congratulations to 2009 Jim Payne Memorial Service Award winner David Buehler! By the way, the award was presented at the club’s 2009 annual banquet. With all that said… Photo. Besides, nominations are currently being accepted for the 2010 award. David Buehler receives the BECC’s Jim Payne Memorial Service Award from 2008 recipient Michael Pepka. Keep in mind that there are two different plaques -one might be kept by the BECC, and the other is a permanent plaque.

the elongated coin museum Then the award was presented on April 13, 2013 at the PNNA’s annual convention in Tukwila.

Congratulations to BECC editor Terry Kamm, and to all others who contribute to the newsletter!

Del Cushing accepts the club newsletter award on behalf of the BECC. Photos. Now please pay attention. See the PNNA convention report. BECC wins newsletter award! Now let me tell you something. Accordingly the BECC was selected to receive the first ever Literary Award for Best Club Newsletter from the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association. Presenting the award is PNNA President Danny Bisgaard. See 2013 coin show photos and report. See 2013 coin show collector exhibit photos and report. Did you know that the award was presented at the October 26, 2011 annual banquet. See the full banquet report. John Enges receives the Jim Payne Memorial Service Award from Terry Kamm. John has served the club in a number of capacities including preparation of banquet food! I’m sure that the Boeing Employees Coin Show was held January ‘2122’, 2006 at Kent Commons! See more photos from this event.

See the banquet page for more information, and sign up soon! Now look, the BECC will also have its annual banquet at the Tukwila Community Center in October. Actually the Boeing Employees Coin Show was held January 1920, 2008 at Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave, Kent. With that said, this was one of a kind coin shows of the year in the Northwest, as usual. Oftentimes jim Payne Memorial Award! Seriously. Congratulations to Jim Payne Memorial Service Award recipient Jesse Torres, as announced at the October 50th anniversary banquet. Make sure you write suggestions about it. New Everett Meetings! Meetings were also held in May, August, September, November and December at the Everett Firefighters’ Hall. Greg Smith reports that he appreciates the efforts of all involved and looks forward to great turnouts. That said, photo at right. Attendees at the May 20 BECC meeting in Everett. Boeing Employees’ Coin Club held a North End KickOff Meeting at the Boeing Everett 4092″ Cafeteria at 30 PM on Tuesday, March 5, Prizes and snacks were provided.

BECC Medals.

Photo composition of past BECC medals and B 50 airplane featured on 2005 medal.

B50′ silver medal. Commemorating the Boeing Legacy of Flight -Left. Right. Deadline to order from the club was November 30, Silver and pewter 2005 medals were available through the Boeing Employee Discount Program. Actually the Boeing Employees Coin Show was held January 20 21″, 2007 at Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave, Kent. That said, this was the best coin shows of the year in the Northwest, as usual.

Please see the medals page for old news regarding BECC medals. If you’re an eligible Boeing person and needed an ideal reason to join the BECC here it was. BECC 50th anniversary banquet was held on Wednesday, October 16. BECC 50th Anniversary! Also, the article in the newsletter was titled Passions in Collecting and described his passion about collecting butterfly coins. Ben submitted an article which was also published in the February 2013 BECC Newsletter. Way to go Ben! Congratulations to YN Ben’s essay submission to the 2013 American Numismatic Association Young Numismatist Literary Awards competition was selected to receive thirdplace honors in the Bill Fivaz Young Numismatist Literary Award category. On p of that, the content is essentially just like the one published in the newsletter, ben changed the title of his essay to The Inspired Collector for the ANA.

While throughout the graduation banquet of the ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, the awards were presented on July 4. BECC YN wins award! Bruce unflaggingly supports club activities in any way he can and he volunteers to any meeting, of the banquet, and of the coin show. With that said, congratulations to Bruce Coggins, winner of the annual Jim Payne Memorial Service Award, seen receiving his award from 2011 JP award winner John Enges. Jim Payne Award! So this award is given to the club member who embodies the character and basics that endeared Jim Payne to everyone who met him.